GloCALL 2008

All GloCALL Participants

All GloCALL Participants

Attending and Presenting at GloCALL International conference which were held 2 days in Jakarta and two days in Yogyakarta, was really interesting experience for me. What makes me feel very much motivated is that I were able to share my ideas not only to indonesians but also to other participants from other countries.

There were many ideas and information that I absorbed in those two conferences. Some were quite useful and motivating and some were just a kind of ‘review’ to me.Yet, having listened to some presentations in the conference I came up with the following ideas:

  1. I will try to set up an LMS and set a course for ‘extensive reading’. The materilas would be using some ESL RSS Feeds. Later I will try to investigate the effectiveness of this E-Reading course method.
  2. I will try to set a learner training scenario to promote learning autonomy through CALL method

In those two conference basically I talked about how to find video materials on the Internet, save them, edit, and use them in the classroom. I intentionally chose the topic to share with partipants because I believe that it will be much more practical to implemented in the classroom, and not too theoretical.

To download the presentation slides click here:  glocal2008-slides


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