EFL Resources

WEB SITES For Teachers
The following web sites are great for teacher as resourches.

1. http://www.onestopEnglish.com/

Is a website that provide abundant idea for language teacher. In that site teacher can find some ideas about lesson plan, flash cards, worksheets etc. In order to be able to make use of the website fully visitors should sing up first or alternatively they can just be visitors with limited access to the sources available.

2. http://www.Englishclub.com/teach-English.htm

Various lessons plans are available in the site. Activities games, worksheet, and reading materials are also available there. Interestingly they also provide free worksheet generator online. Some teaching tips are also given in a specific section.

3. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/1979/

This site is provided by a teacher from Taiwan. It is hosted in yahoo geocities server. There has been no known issue with accessing this site in geocities free server. However, due to bandwith limitation may be this site may not be available sometime.

There are many great ideas provided in the site games and other learning activities available there. Also available forum for teacher to share ideas. However unfortunately this forum seems to be used for other purposes for other visitors. Yet, some teaching activities and games ideas there are worth considering.

4. http://www.eslpartyland.com/
Again this is a good place to find great ideas on ESL teaching. There are ready to use lesson plans including the worksheets for print out. There are also links to a page that provide place for teachers around the world to communicate and discuss something. Another interesting thing in this site is that there is also a special link about teaching ESL using the Internet. Although the information provided there about teaching using the Internet is not quite extensive, It will enrich our knowledge about integrating the Internet in our classroom


A website by Charles Kelly, a quite well known figure in the CALL area. In this website there are various links that will take us to different Internet resources to be used in the ESL teaching.Few great online lesson materials are available for teaching using internet. However, there are a fewlinks that are no longer available. Yet, This is still a good place for teacher who needs more info about teaching ESL using the WWW.

6. http://www.usingEnglish.com

This site is designed not only for teachers but also for students. For teacher they can have their own message box and also access to plenty of lesson plans in printable format. One interesting thing for teacher in this site is that the organization of documents in the page which is easy to follow.

7. http://www.school-clip-art.com/

One thing that will always be needed by teacher is cliparts. Noone would deny that. I believe so because clip arts (pictures) help us a lot to guide our students understand the target language. In this fast downloadable site there are plenty of cliparts that is ready to use for classroom activities.

WEB SITES For Students
The following web sites are great for Students as resourches.

1. http://www.eslcafe.com/

A website entitled Daves ESL cafe is very good place to refer to for students who wants to know more about English. the website itself is not specifically meant for students only but also for teachers. This can be seen from the main menu which I think give a a quite interesting navigation for visitors.

For students there is a special place where they can discuss their problem with others. It is a bulletin board. Others can help whoever has problem and even post their own questions there. Other interesting menu for students is Quiz centre where students can excerise their knowledge online in the site. There are quiz on geography, grammar items, history, idiom, and even slang.

This site is good enough since it does not only provide a lot of information regarding English but also provide bulletin board which I think very usefull for students learning online whom very often they need instant help or feedback from anyone all over the world.

2. http://www.eslpartyland.com/

The idea of ESL exercises for students are good in this website. for example there is quiz section that can be done online. The quizes are either in the form of cloze test or multiple choice one. There are also email exchange and forum facilities provided there.

However, Some links and pages are not well maintained.This is because some visitors have abused the linksfor other purposes. Yet, the quiz page is still good enough for learners to have exercise, hone and enrich their English knowledge. So for that purpose instead of going to the main site I would suggest this URL to go directly to its quiz page:

3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningEnglish/

This is a must-visit site for students. Though this may not be suitable for early learners or beginners, this site is wonderful for upper intermediate and advance learners. Why? So many interesting thing such as audio, actual news , and stoires are available there.

What makes the site interesting are first: The Interface which is designed clear and fast downloadable.Second is the topics provided there are actual ones. Third. We can have almost all activities there except speaking. Not to be missed, Visitor should have The Real Player installed in order to be able to use the audio or video streaming facilities there.

I would say this site is good for learners to have excerise and is very intuitive for teachers.

4. http://www.usingEnglish.com

This is a recommended site for English learners. Not only because of its interactive site design but also many features that are available there such as quizzes, consultation, forum, language reference such as idoms, slang etc.

In order to be able to use this site one should take a few minutes to sign up but it is all worth doing. After the sign up process you can join the forum, have your own message box, do online shopping etc.

5. http://www.Englishclub.com/

There are plenty of information for students in this site. The information ranging from Grammar, Vocabulary, pronunciation, and the four macro skills. There are also available interactive pages for games, quizzes, forums, and also java chatroom which is very much challenging for English as foreign language learners. For those who are interested in English for special purpose special pages are also nicely organized there.


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